Today is one amazing day in the year: it’s the World Down Syndrome Day!

Because one of my little cousins is born with down syndrome, I guess I feel more concerned, but this day isn’t made for me. It isn’t really for the families, because we know already. This day is for everyone else, so they can finally understand that people with down syndrome are humans like us.

My cousin is the happiest, kindest teenager in the world. There are plenty of clichés that people should get rid of. One of them is “children with down syndrome will only bring trouble, they will never be independent”. That’s NOT true! My cousin is currently learning how to be a waiter, and already did a few internships that went really well. He knows how to read and write, he talks very well, he rides bycicles, he plays video games, he has friends, he can go out alone to buy bread… Does that seem much trouble to you? Of course, there are children with more difficulties than others. Of course it’s hard for the families, it’s exhausting and it’s challenging, but it is worth all the efforts!

Guys, please talk about Down Syndrome around you. Let’s stop the clichés and create a better world for those lovely boys and girls who are just waiting to be loved and respected as everyone else!

WDSDLittle Cousin playing at the beach a few years ago~~