Falling for Fairy Tales all over again

Once Upon A Time

My new passion of the moment. I seriously love this show. Nothing unexpected honestly, as I have always loved princesses, fairy tales and magic. Who am I kidding?

Everyone knows OUAT was made for dreamers who are still nostalgic of the time when Disney was producing classics the “old way” and enjoy re-watching Snow White and Cinderella, drinking a cup of hot cholocate with marshmallows on a rainy sunday.

I first discovered Once Upon A Time a year ago when I went on a trip to Canada and watched it on TV. Seriously loved the idea. I mean, it changes from Teenage love-&-hate or murder-&-investigation shows. It’s new. It’s fresh, and it’s appealing.

Playing one of those legendary characters in a TV show isn’t easy. We all know Snow White, Prince Charming, Belle or Captain Hook. We all loved – or fear – them as children and we all have our own ideas of how they should be. Bringing them to life, making them look real and believable on screen is something incredibly challenging.

Sometimes I went a bit “So that’s what Pinocchio would have looked like if he had grown up?”. Don’t misunterstand me, I loved August‘s character. I cried when he turned into wood because of Emma‘s stubbornness. Whyyy did she take so long to realize everything was actually true? Anyway. Let’s not get crazy here, or else I will scare you off right away with my first post, which is definitely not good, right?

I have my favorites, of course. I love all the characters, but some just appeal me more than others. I have this awkward habit and usually don’t like front characters. In this case, the poor victim is Emma, of course. Though she is nice overall, sometimes I just want to punch her. Nothing as bad as Izzie Stevens (Grey’s Anatomy), so irritating!

I LOVE Snow White/Mary Margaret (portrayed by Ginnifer Goodwin). Her looks are so perfect for the role that it’s crazy. She is the cutest Snow White ever, I swear! And Robert Carlyle? Amazing actor. I’m a huge fan of him, even if he is scary sometimes. I wonder if he likes to wear heavy make up like that? ——— Enough! If I go on that way, you will end up with a full post about why I love each and every one of those characters which is not what I aimed for when I started. Let’s stop here, ok? I will definitely do a post like that, one day, though, don’t worry!

SO, last sunday I waited for the PaleyFest livestream, which, unfortunately, started late (around 11PM Paris Time), and was spoilt briliantly. Of course, since I haven’t watched Season 2 yet (what a shame! But I’m waiting because I know if I start I won’t be able to stop. And I need to study!), it was to be expected. The actors and actresses looked splendid, and I really fell in love with them. They seemed genuinly nice and happy to answer the questions of their fans…

… which leads me to the major news of the day. Emilie De Ravin (portraying Belle in OUAT)… is coming… to the Paris’ Fairy Tale Convention in December 2013! So exciting! I love her, Belle is one of my favorite Disney Princess ever! But… this convention is so expensive… cheapest ticket is at 50€ (that’s reasonable, I guess) and the most expensive is at 500€. Yes, 500. And it’s on e-bay… so it might even get higher as time pass by.

The question now is… will I go? I wonder. I really want to, but since I still don’t know where I will end up next year, how can I plan so early on? Let’s wait for the second character announcement. They said it will be one of the bad guy. It will eventually get harder and harder to resist, right? If Robert Carlyle or Ginnifer Goodwin come, believe me, I’ll buy this ticket right away!Regina&Gold&Belle



So, that was my first personal post, wasn’t it? I must sound a bit crazy… but Once Upon A Time really is a good show. If you haven’t watched it yet, I sincerely encourage you to give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you all for reading,