TV shows in 10 questions

Get to know SunsetPink and I tastes in tv shows with the 10 following questions:

1. What’s your favorite TV show of all time?

P:Even though people think it’s weird coming from me, as I usually love cute, lovely, romantic stuff, I have been a huge fan of NCIS for 9 years now, and my love for this show never faded over the years. Sure, there are some episodes I like less than others, but it doesn’t matter. Overall, NCIS is an amazing show. I love the actors and actresses. I love how they seem to enjoy filming the show so much. I love the characters, the scenario… everything. After all this time, I’m still looking forward friday nights because it’s NCIS day.

LMF: I actually have two favorite tv shows and I honestly can’t choose between both of them. I grew up watching Charmed. I just FREAKING LOVE this tv show so so much, I could talk about it for hours actually (yeah call me crazy idc). Everything about it is just great, the plot, the actors, EVERYTHING! My other ultimate favorite show is One Tree Hill. I didn’t know I could learn so much about life by watching a tv show, plus OTH definitely made my teenage years better. It really rarely disappointed me and even after Lucas and Peyton left the show I still kept on loving the show.

2. What’s your least favorite TV show ever?

P: I cannot really say, because when I don’t like a TV show, I just don’t watch it, so it’s never really to the point that I hate it or anything. There was one that I never, ever managed to like, and it’s Desperate Housewives. I reaaaally tried to get into it. I watched it every week but I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem to appeal me. It’s weird though, because I’m very easy to please, and everyone loves Desperate Housewives around me.

LMF: I don’t really know because if I don’t like a tv show, I am not likely going to watch it. However there are a few shows I have watched some episodes of and actually didn’t like; for example True Blood, Skins or The Secret Life of an American Teenager. Those are the only shows I can think of right now.

3. Which TV character do you wish you could date in real life?

P: That’s… an interesting question. I always thought I’d like to date many of them, but now that I have to answer this, I can’t think of any! I’ll just come back to this question later… *now coming back after answering all the other questions* And I still wonder what to say! *finished putting colors everywhere* Well, I will say Graham Humbert/the huntsman (Jamie Dornan), from Once Upon A Time, he is cuuuute! And I love how he sacrified himself for Snow White. Yeah, I guess he is the one I’d more like to date. But of course, it changes from time to time, so that’s an answer for today :)

LMF: Oooh do you want me to have a fangirl attack right now?! I thought about that question for quite a long time and I came up with two characters. First, Nathan Scott (James Lafferty) from One Tree Hill. He is the definition of the perfect boyfriend. He is sweet, handsome and above all faithful. I doubt someone like him exists in real life, seriously. Second is Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) from Supernatural. Mamma Mia, this guy is just the hottest guy on earth! He is a REAL man, the kind of man who can just turns every girl on (no I do not have a perverted mind haha)

4. What TV show do you wish you could be on?

P: Well, I guess I have to answer NCIS again… It just seems so much fun to film! And from what I read, all the actors are really kind and funny. But, story like… I would rather say Once Upon A Time. I would love to be on this show! The idea is so great and innovative! I’m sure it would be interesting to work with the cast and all the staff in a show like this one.

LMF: I changed my mind about this question. I was about to answer Desperate Housewives (weird right ??)  because it was my idea of the American Dream, but in fact I am going to say Glee. It is not my favorite tv show but the concept is just so great, people dancing and singing all the time, just like in a musical. And everything about the characters is just so exaggerated, I doubt someone can be as hyper as Rachel hehe And the whole cast is so amazing, all talented and kind!

5. Who do you wish could be your TV BFF?

P: Again, good question. I think I would say Haley, from One Tree Hill. She is amazingly strong, optimistic (well, for what I saw of the show, so the 5-6 first seasons, I stopped when Lucas and Peyton left Tree Hill), really sweet and easy to love. But there is also Lucy, from 7th Heaven, who I admired so much when I was younger, she really, really was my role-model, so it would be really cool to have her as my TV BFF!

LMF: I think I always wanted to have a guy best friend so I am going to say Blaine Andersen from Glee. He seems so fun to hang out with and of course his voice is so amazing, I think I would probably ask him to sing to me all the time. Also, Seth Cohen from The O.C and I could definitely get along pretty well with each other. He is weird in a great way and sooo funny, I could definitely use someone with his humour to cheer me up when I need so. As a girl TV BFF, I would say Brooke Davis (OTH) because she is fierce, incredibly strong, generous, nice and funny. I love everything about her and would die to have a friend like her. Also (yeah I want to have so many TV BFFs haha), Veronica Mars could be my best friend because she is just so cute, lovable, genuine and funny.

6. Which TV character’s closet do you wish you could steal?

P: Mary Margaret Blanchard (Once Upon A Time)! I love her clothes. Like, it’s really simple and classic, but always cute and the colors are lovely. I would love to have such a closet, but I seem to have very poor tastes in clothes and anytime I buy something it doesn’t have the effect I wish…

LMF: The easiest question to answer for me. I want Serena Van Der Woodsen (Gossip Girl) outfit. I think the designers did such an amazing job with all of her clothes, I am so jealous she got to wear creators’ clothes.

7. Which was your favorite TV show as a little kid?

P: 7th Heaven, without a doubt. I always ran back home after school to watch it! My parents didn’t really like when we watched TV too much, so I had to make choices and I was allowed to watch 7th Heaven (I guess they thought it had a good influence on me, or something like that!). Even now when I watch it, I feel so nostalgic! It really was a great show.

LMF: Again, Charmed (no I am not annying AT ALL!) but apart from that I used to watch other shows such as FRIENDS, 7th Heaven, Dawson’s Creek, What I Like About You, Lizzie McGuire…

8. Which show do you wish never finished?

P: Honestly, I never really felt like “What? Why? Why is it over?? I don’t have enouuuugh! It cannot stop now, it’s too sooooon!!”. Usually, shows I like just end because it has too, you know? Like, I was sad when 7th Heaven ended, but it was right to stop it, the characters were all leaving, all going to live their lives. It was time for us to let them go, too. Same goes for Charmed, which I loved very much. It’s sad when a good show comes to an end, but not devastating. Well, I never felt this way…. but I’ll probably change my mind if NCIS has to stop!

LMF: Charmed ?? hahaha ok I stop with it now. But seriously, it should have never ended. There are two other shows I wish never ended, or at least not that way. First, Ugly Betty! Come on, why on earth did it end?! It was too good and deserved to go on for other seasons. Plus, I really wanted to have THE happy ending between Daniel and Betty (I am a sucker for couples, do you have a problem with that maybe?) Second, Veronica Mars! I simply HATED how this tv show ended. Why did the producers make Veronica end up with Piz and NOT Logan??! I get easily emotional when it comes to tv shows and talking about this is actually upsetting lol

9. Would you ever want to be on a reality show?

P: I hate reality shows. I watch them sometimes, just because I’m bored or else, but I would never, ever qualify it as “great”. I cannot picture myself in a show like that, I would be completely lost and the viewers would think I’m boring, because I’m too normal. I often think “can they really sink any lower?“, and then, BANG they do something even more stupid! But I only watched French Reality Shows (the worst of them probably being “Les Ch’tis à Las Vegas”), so I can’t judge for other countries. That is to say: no, absolutely no, I don’t want to be on a reality show.

LMF: I admit I like watching reality shows, they are just entertaining, but I would NEVER picture myself in one. However it depends on what type of reality show we are talking about, if it a trashy one like Geordie Shore, the answer is NO! But I would probably picture myself in a singing or dancing competition show such as the X Factor, American Idol or Got to Dance (yeah I tend to dream too much, I know)

10. What show do you re-watch all the time?

P: There are MANY of them. I enjoy watching The Nanny once in a while, it always makes me laugh. Friends too, I mean, if you’re bored or in a bad mood, it’s definitely a must watch! Charmed doesn’t age either. Though the serie has been over for a while, I still love re-watching old episodes, it’s cute!

LMF: I do love re-watching all tv shows I like, I do not mind watching over and over again. Charmed, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, The Big Bang Theory, Desperate Housewives… and the list goes on!

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Pink & LittleMissFran