First steps

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone!

This is our very first post, so let us introduce this blog a bit to you guys!

Do you know just how hard it is to find a blog-name that suits us and isn’t already taken? It’s terrible. We tried so many we don’t even remember all of them. Finally, this one worked and it took us by surprise. So here is Fancy Little Talk! We seriously hope you will like coming there and read our posts.

The two of us will share this blog from now on. We met each other three years ago when we started our Bachelor Degree, and have been friends ever since. If you want to know more about us, please wait a little bit more, we will try writing short introductions later!

Because we are two very different girls, you might end up thinking “there is no harmony or coherence in that blog, it’s so random!”. Well, it aims at being random. It will be multifaced and weird and maybe even unexpected sometimes. That’s what we want to do. There won’t be a subject set up before-hand. We hope to be able to surprise you at some point!

Because we know that a blog has to be regularly updated to keep everyone interest alive, we will try posting at least once a week. If we are too busy, we will make sure to warn you all!

From now on, please follow our blog and enjoy your time here!

Welcome on Fancy Little Talk,

SunsetPink & LittlemissFran