Adjusting to Kent life

After a few months of fear, stress, nerve-wracking wait and doubts, here I am, slowly adjusting to my new life in the UK.

When I was studying in France, I always thought that speaking English with native speakers would be extremely embarrassing, and therefore avoided being put in that situation as much as I could. My cousins in Canada tend to be very picky when I try speaking English with them (which always makes me cringe because I never dare making any comment on how they speak French) and I guess it crushed my confidence a little bit.

But as soon as I arrived here, it just came so naturally that now I don’t even notice anymore. Well, I still speak French randomly, and people look at me like “what are you saying, you crazy girl?” (in particular when it’s in the middle of a conversation, I just switch language without reason, very weird!), but overall I don’t have much trouble with English. Which is nice.

The Campus is SO beautiful and the scenery is so lovely, I really feel lucky to be here! Honestly, everything is so nice, and green, and… well, charming. It’s only my third week here, so I suppose I’m still amazed by how beautiful it is. In a few weeks from now, when it will start raining and all, I probably won’t like it as much.

The University is really nice as well. Very, very, VERY different from France. Everything is like the COMPLETE opposite of what I knew. There are plenty of events for international students, the teachers and the staff are really nice and helpful, if I ask a question people are more than happy to answer… Honestly, the change is quite radical, so much that it still feels strange.

As for classes, well, it is very different as well. I mean, back in France I had 20 (or more) hours of classes per week, here I only have SIX. And a loooooot of reading to do. I am a last-minute student. I delay things as much as I can, but here, it probably won’t work that way. I have to be more independent in my studies, which is something I was definitely not prepared for. It’s probably going to be interesting (and very challenging)!


So far I am really glad to be there and intend to make the most out of this year!

Which means that, if you are from the UK and have good ideas of things to visit in Kent, please share! I will be more than happy to discover various places and all!