Tori Kelly: A star on the rise

Time for Littlemissfran to write a post and sorry again for not writing for a while! This post will be about Southern Californian songstress Tori Kelly. Never heard of her? It’s time to fill you up then.

Tori Kelly is a 20 year-old singer whose name is now on every mouth because her voice and talent are simply breathtaking. Her music is influenced by soul, pop, rnb singers such as Jeff Buckley, Jill Scott, John Mayer, Michael Jackson etc. Scooter Braun’s (Justin Bieber’s manager) protégée started her career at a very young age by showcasing her voice during talent shows. After being a contestant on the ninth season of American Idol in 2009, Tori Kelly started posting videos on Youtube, then creating a buzz. Her cover of Thinking Bout You by Franck Ocean has now reached more than 14 million views! Last year, the singer released an EP called ‘Homemade Songs’ composed of 6 songs produced by Tori herself. She recently started her first American tour called the ‘Fill A Heart’ tour with a majority of sold out shows. She is definitely an artist to keep an eye on!

> As a huuge fan of Tori for a few years now, she’s not new to me anymore. I am now trying to spread the word about her to everyone because she really deserves it. I’ve met Tori a few months ago in London and all I can say is wow! Her talent is undeniable. I got chills all over the show. Not only Tori is an amazing singer but she’s also a beautiful person, when I told her I came from Paris she was so overwhelmed she hugged me twice! She is just a sweetheart and I’m very happy she is getting more recognized. Here is my favorite cover of Tori, PYT, originally by Michael Jackson. Please watch it and fall in love with Tori Kelly’s voice :)