Pink words

Hey everyone!

So, that’s my page! I’m SunsetPink. Though I always end my posts with this name, it’s probably shorter to just say Pink. I love pink. It’s my favorite color! But not any pink. Not the flashy-Barbie pink little girls wear. No, I like old rose, you know, a sort of grayish pink? That’s what I love. But SunsetRose was already taken… too bad!

I am one of the two girls sharing this blog. I’ll probably be the serious, and maybe slightly boring one, for that I’m sorry. I love books. I love movies. I love series. Those are the things I will blog about the most. I’m also a beginner in scrapbooking, so you may read some posts about it as well!

I am really into cute stuffs. Like mugs and romantic comedies. And I love princesses. I seriously wanted to be one of those Disney Princesses when I was younger! But you know, now that I’m older, I’m not so jealous of Cinderella or Snow White anymore… life wasn’t easy for them when they were young, right? I prefer my life after all.

Oh, and another thing I’ll probably blog a lot about Nala! It’s my cat. Not just my cat though… but the cutest cat in the world! Yep, she is just that pretty.

Honestly, there aren’t too many things to say about me. I’m 20, I’m a student at La Sorbonne since 2010, and don’t like studying too much. My dad is Canadian and my mother French, which means I have the two nationalities. Don’t forget that English isn’t my first language! Any mistake I might do isn’t intentional.

I think you will learn more about me when I really start blogging, and I feel I shouldn’t write too much now or I’ll spoil the surprise.

So, that’s it about me! Let’s get started now!


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