Why I love the 2005 ver of Pride and Prejudice

It is 8:30PM, holidays end in a week, nothing interesting on TV… of course, I ask myself, what should I do? And, as every other night when there is nothing good on TV, I find myself staring desperately at my stock of DVDs, hoping that some new, exciting movie appears there. Well, it never happens. Very often, I end up picking something I don’t really want to watch just because there is nothing better. But tonight, I was staring at my DVDs like usual and stumbled upon Pride&Prejudice. You know, the 2005 version with Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFayden.

I love this movie. I really do. Some quite radical and somehow extreme Jane Austen fans will tell you that this version is bad, and that the one with Colin Firth is the only acceptable one, but I don’t share this opinion. The 2005 ver. is really good considering it is a more or less 2 hours ver. of a legendary book, the cast did an amazing job in giving life to the characters, and, hey! Keira Knightley did receive an Oscar nomination for this role! It really is that amazing. I am not the only one with this opinion, though. The critics received the movie very well and I still don’t know how some fans keep disliking it.

So, I wondered “how long has it been since I watched it?” and suddenly realized I couldn’t recall the last time I did. Which basically means: it was too long ago. And then, I put it on. Mom was supposed to go to bed early, but Pride&Prejudice has that “magnet” effect and it is impossible to leave the room in the middle of the movie – only my brother can do that, but he is a teenage boy, and teenage boys definitely DON’T get the magnificence in Jane Austen masterpiece.

Something amazing with this movie is that, no matter how many times I watched it, I still enjoy it as if it was the first. There are so many reasons why I love it that I cannot list them all. But basically, if you never watched it, DO! Don’t be prejudiced against this version because people often say that the 1995 BBC ver. is better. They are different. Different actors, different styles, different lenght too. How can you compare a 2 hours ver. with a +/- 5 hours ver.?

So, let’s focus on the 2005 one here.


I must say that I am not really the kind of people that remembers movies’ musics easily. I have a tendency to not pay attention to it, and when someone tells me “I love the soundtrack in this movie!” I’m like “uh? I don’t remember, was it good? I didn’t notice“. I know, I know, it’s not good. But hey, not everyone is sensible to music, you know! Anyway. In Pride&Prejudice, I did notice the music. It was quite good, and suited the atmosphere of the movie really well. I even asked my parents for the CD! Well, they never bought it, but still. It shows how good the music is. It gives a completely different vibe to the scenes, and probably accentuate the “Jane Austen” mood, somehow. it’s hard to explain. It just fits, you know? Without this particular music, the movie wouldn’t be the same at all.


But music isn’t the only thing that makes me love this ver. I also kind of like the cast. I say “kind of” because when you love a book so much, it is always hard to see it adapted on TV. You are always wondering “but why did they choose this actor/actress? That’s not at all how I saw him/her in my head!“. Of course, the cast director cannot find somebody that will fit every single fans’ imagination. However, sometimes I wonder how did they cast the actors and actresses for the BBC ver. I mean, Jane isn’t beautiful in the 1995 ver. She is supposed to be handsome, right? She really is. But in the BBC adaptation she is just plain. Really. Rosamund Pike however is splendid, and she has an innocent aura that suits Jane’s character very well.

I should also probably apologize in advance to any Colin Firth fan here. I don’t like him. I don’t like him at all. I am not denying that he is a good actor, but I just can’t. I know, I know, the “going-out-of-the-water-with-his-white-shirt-wet” scene is more than famous, but I still prefer Matthew MacFayden. He isn’t perfect for the role either though. He is great, but not amazing. It isn’t against the way he plays the character, but Mr Darcy is… well, he is Mr Darcy. I dreamt of marrying him (who didn’t?) for god sake! Any actor playing Mr Darcy will have to face my much-too-critical eyes, and I don’t think any would suit my imagination. But Matthew MacFayden was good. As for Keira Knightley… well, I love her. And I am so jealous of her ability to wear Historical costumes so well! It really fits her. And she really rocks those kinds of movies (come on! The DuchessPirates of the Caribbean… she just looks so great with Historical dresses!), so she makes a really good Elizabeth Bennet. I actually don’t see any other actress that might fit the character as well as Keira Knightley did.

As for the rest of the cast, I think they are all quite good as well. I was particularly happy with Tom Hollander portraying Mr Collins, and he did an amazing job looking as pathetic and disgusting as possible in the short screen time he was allowed, so that was great. Bingley looked cute, though not quite as handsome as I had imagined, but it didn’t really matter. And of course, the three younger sisters were really in character, in particular Jena Malone (Lidya in the movie), as the other two didn’t get much to do other than figuration. Elizabeth’s mother, played by Brenda Blethyn, is also exactly as I imagined: crazy, obsessed with the weddings of her daughters but still caring and loving.


When it comes to the plot in itself… adapting Pride and Prejudice is a complicated task. Even more complicated if you have to fit in a “Hollywood” format: limited lenght, appealing for a large public… Because not everyone is a Jane Austen fan, Pride & Prejudice had to be able to attract people who wouldn’t normally read the books. Of course, it amplifies the love story at the cost of minor stories that make the charm of the book. But it doesn’t mean the movie is bad. The sacrifices made don’t waste the final result. I love the book and I love the movie. I do think that some cuts are a pity, because some of my favourite parts were left out, but I understand that it didn’t fit in the movie.

Sometimes, when I watched it for the first time, I went like “e~h? But… but, no! That’s not how it is!“, but I guess it’s normal. I felt the same with Harry Potter… I’m thinking especially of the scene where Catherine De Bourgh comes to Longbourn to convince Lizzy not to marry Mr Darcy. In the book, it happens in full day light, and I didn’t quite understand why suddenly in the movie Catherine de Bourgh shows up in the middle of the night, as everyone is sleeping. I mean, reading the book, I would never EVER imagine Catherine de Bourgh going anywhere in the middle of the night. It is so not “correct”. But, anyway, it does add some drama. So, that’s fine with me.

I think this movie is way easier to watch for non-fans than the 1995 version. It is shorter (by far!), the story is easier to understand and it is a classic romantic movie that everyone can enjoy, even if you aren’t too much into “historical” stories.

I hope that through this amazing adaptation, more people will get to know Jane Austen and try reading her books. Though Pride and Prejudice is easily the most famous one, I would love more people to see the amazingness of Persuasion. Hollywood, please, why not a movie with this story too? Please?


Tori Kelly: A star on the rise

Time for Littlemissfran to write a post and sorry again for not writing for a while! This post will be about Southern Californian songstress Tori Kelly. Never heard of her? It’s time to fill you up then.

Tori Kelly is a 20 year-old singer whose name is now on every mouth because her voice and talent are simply breathtaking. Her music is influenced by soul, pop, rnb singers such as Jeff Buckley, Jill Scott, John Mayer, Michael Jackson etc. Scooter Braun’s (Justin Bieber’s manager) protégée started her career at a very young age by showcasing her voice during talent shows. After being a contestant on the ninth season of American Idol in 2009, Tori Kelly started posting videos on Youtube, then creating a buzz. Her cover of Thinking Bout You by Franck Ocean has now reached more than 14 million views! Last year, the singer released an EP called ‘Homemade Songs’ composed of 6 songs produced by Tori herself. She recently started her first American tour called the ‘Fill A Heart’ tour with a majority of sold out shows. She is definitely an artist to keep an eye on!

> As a huuge fan of Tori for a few years now, she’s not new to me anymore. I am now trying to spread the word about her to everyone because she really deserves it. I’ve met Tori a few months ago in London and all I can say is wow! Her talent is undeniable. I got chills all over the show. Not only Tori is an amazing singer but she’s also a beautiful person, when I told her I came from Paris she was so overwhelmed she hugged me twice! She is just a sweetheart and I’m very happy she is getting more recognized. Here is my favorite cover of Tori, PYT, originally by Michael Jackson. Please watch it and fall in love with Tori Kelly’s voice :) 

I went to the theater…

Yesterday, for the first time in a while, I went to the theater.

My best friend is currently studying theater at university, so sometimes she invites me to come along when she goes to see a show. Of course, I can’t always go, because I have my studies too, and we have to plan it quite a long time in advance to match our schedules. So, we had booked our places for this show in January, I think! Yes, that was a long time ago!

We weren’t going alone, though. My mum and another friend of us came along. Since my best friend usually recommend very weird shows, we were all a bit worried. Last time my other friend went with her, they ended up in the middle of a shooting! Well, not a real shooting, of course, but still!

This time, the title of the show was “Copacabana“. It is a comedy played by three wonderful comedians, one man and two women. They have such an energy that I felt tired for them!

Honestly, I had never, ever heard about a show like this. It started while we were all still waiting in the hall. Yes, we weren’t even sat down at the beginning!

The first actress appeared and asked if we had booked for a table (as the “Copacabana” is a restaurant) and then, like a regular restaurant, we were guided to our tables. The room was awkwardly settled, not at all like a regular theater, it really really was like a restaurant. But not a fancy/normal restaurant, more like an old, deserted one. There weren’t enough tables for everyone, so the four of us ended up sharing our very small table with a single man (who came alone to watch the show, very kind) and a spanish couple. I’m not sure I can convey the whole experience well, but it was really, really funny, I assure you! During the performance, we could chat with everyone around the table, and the comedians even gave us some food (like a regular restaurant!). Well, it did look absolutely inedible, and I still wonder how the woman behind me did to eat it all, but we had anticipated and ate diner before going… Anyway! We laughed so much my zygomatic muscles hurt!

Thourough the whole show, the three comedians interacted a lot with the public. One of the women seemed “in love” with one of the spectator, which lead to hilarious situations, for example when she sat on his knee and fed him with chocolate mouss … Also, at some point, the man (comedian) was “inadvertently” hitting another spectator with a leek, and the spectator threw water at his face! So funny!

I really admire comedians with a strong improvisation power. That was definitely the case of those three, as their performance was partly influenced by the public reactions (the example of the glass of water is very revealing: the actor didn’t anticipate it at all, and was very surprised, but he reacted very quickly, and it was really funny!). I felt like I was really part of the show and I enjoyed chatting with everyone around me as if I was in a regular restaurant. A unic experience!

I would definitely go again if I was given the occasion! Great, great show!

Here is the official synopsis (original version is in French, so that’s my personal translation): 

“Three cooks are living in the kitchen of the “Copacabana”, all three descending from the chef of the legendary circus “Bimil”, that recently closed down. After this closure, our three “cordon bleu”, all broke, decided to open a restaurant.

Therefore, they settled in (my city name), more precisely at the Park’s  Chapel, hoping to make their fortune.

But the months flew by and no-one went to eat at “Copacabana”.

The theater team finally decided to help them out, to take up the challenge and to bring you there.

But be careful! There won’t necessarily be food or place for everyone, as they aren’t used to have clients.

In situations more suitable for circus than restauration, they will try to satisfy everyone of you. Behind the red curtain, there will be a table for you.

Do you want to come for diner?”

My translation might be difficult to understand, I’m really sorry about that. The text was quite hard to translate, as it was full of French sayings that can’t be kept litterally in English…

Well, that was to say: I had a nice night out yesterday! I really enjoy going to the theater once in a while. Last year, I went to see “Berenice” with my god father (a different style all together!) and it was really nice! I hope I can go again before the end of the year.

And you, are you going to the theater often? Do you enjoy it? What is the last show you went to? Please, share your experience, I’m curious!



Today is one amazing day in the year: it’s the World Down Syndrome Day!

Because one of my little cousins is born with down syndrome, I guess I feel more concerned, but this day isn’t made for me. It isn’t really for the families, because we know already. This day is for everyone else, so they can finally understand that people with down syndrome are humans like us.

My cousin is the happiest, kindest teenager in the world. There are plenty of clichés that people should get rid of. One of them is “children with down syndrome will only bring trouble, they will never be independent”. That’s NOT true! My cousin is currently learning how to be a waiter, and already did a few internships that went really well. He knows how to read and write, he talks very well, he rides bycicles, he plays video games, he has friends, he can go out alone to buy bread… Does that seem much trouble to you? Of course, there are children with more difficulties than others. Of course it’s hard for the families, it’s exhausting and it’s challenging, but it is worth all the efforts!

Guys, please talk about Down Syndrome around you. Let’s stop the clichés and create a better world for those lovely boys and girls who are just waiting to be loved and respected as everyone else!

WDSDLittle Cousin playing at the beach a few years ago~~

Because I love her

Today, it’s my Mother Birthday. I woke up early just to be the first one to wish her Happy Birthday! It unfortunately failed as her brother sent her a message at 7… that’s cheating, right?
032My Mom at the Beach, 2011

My Mom… she is the most amazing person in the world. She is lovely, she is sweet, she is funny, she always tries to help others. I’m so proud to be her daughter. Sometimes, I get mad at her, and yell at her, and feel so guilty afterward because she is just trying to do what’s best for me. I cannot be angry at her for long. I cannot even leave home if we haven’t yet sort our problem out. I think I love her too much. No. We can’t love somebody too much, but my love for her is limitless. I seriously worry too much about her. I keep telling her stuffs like “don’t do that you could get hurt!” or “be careful when you cross the road!“. That’s what a mother do, not a daughter, right? We often joke about it. I’ll keep trying to stop saying those things though, because I know it’s not my job.

Two years ago, my mum had a stroke. I really thought I was losing her at that time. I spent hours and hours and hours at the hospital. I was so tired because I shared my time between my studies and her room.  I just couldn’t do anything else, knowing that she was there, and she needed us. At the beginning, she couldn’t talk at all, so I was making all the conversation on my own. Unfortunately for her, it soon became an habit and even now I talk so much at home that she doesn’t even listen anymore, she just nods once in a while! Aha, sorry Mom!

She did a lot of progress in two years. Nothing will ever be the same, but life is that way, right? Since November, she is back to work. I think she realizes more how much this stroke affected her life, and I know she is upset and sometimes discouraged. Most of the time we are all very optimistic and happy though. (Don’t misunderstand this post, we are really working through it with a smile, lots of love and determination! It’s just that I can’t deny that sometimes she feels down, and that’s why we are there for her).

Since she is a strong woman and a fighter, I am sure she will keep getting better. She deserves all the support she can get. She still worries too much about my brother and I, but I really want her to focus on herself from now on.

Happy Birthday Mom! Please, keep getting better, I love you!


TV shows in 10 questions

Get to know SunsetPink and I tastes in tv shows with the 10 following questions:

1. What’s your favorite TV show of all time?

P:Even though people think it’s weird coming from me, as I usually love cute, lovely, romantic stuff, I have been a huge fan of NCIS for 9 years now, and my love for this show never faded over the years. Sure, there are some episodes I like less than others, but it doesn’t matter. Overall, NCIS is an amazing show. I love the actors and actresses. I love how they seem to enjoy filming the show so much. I love the characters, the scenario… everything. After all this time, I’m still looking forward friday nights because it’s NCIS day.

LMF: I actually have two favorite tv shows and I honestly can’t choose between both of them. I grew up watching Charmed. I just FREAKING LOVE this tv show so so much, I could talk about it for hours actually (yeah call me crazy idc). Everything about it is just great, the plot, the actors, EVERYTHING! My other ultimate favorite show is One Tree Hill. I didn’t know I could learn so much about life by watching a tv show, plus OTH definitely made my teenage years better. It really rarely disappointed me and even after Lucas and Peyton left the show I still kept on loving the show.

2. What’s your least favorite TV show ever?

P: I cannot really say, because when I don’t like a TV show, I just don’t watch it, so it’s never really to the point that I hate it or anything. There was one that I never, ever managed to like, and it’s Desperate Housewives. I reaaaally tried to get into it. I watched it every week but I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem to appeal me. It’s weird though, because I’m very easy to please, and everyone loves Desperate Housewives around me.

LMF: I don’t really know because if I don’t like a tv show, I am not likely going to watch it. However there are a few shows I have watched some episodes of and actually didn’t like; for example True Blood, Skins or The Secret Life of an American Teenager. Those are the only shows I can think of right now.

3. Which TV character do you wish you could date in real life?

P: That’s… an interesting question. I always thought I’d like to date many of them, but now that I have to answer this, I can’t think of any! I’ll just come back to this question later… *now coming back after answering all the other questions* And I still wonder what to say! *finished putting colors everywhere* Well, I will say Graham Humbert/the huntsman (Jamie Dornan), from Once Upon A Time, he is cuuuute! And I love how he sacrified himself for Snow White. Yeah, I guess he is the one I’d more like to date. But of course, it changes from time to time, so that’s an answer for today :)

LMF: Oooh do you want me to have a fangirl attack right now?! I thought about that question for quite a long time and I came up with two characters. First, Nathan Scott (James Lafferty) from One Tree Hill. He is the definition of the perfect boyfriend. He is sweet, handsome and above all faithful. I doubt someone like him exists in real life, seriously. Second is Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) from Supernatural. Mamma Mia, this guy is just the hottest guy on earth! He is a REAL man, the kind of man who can just turns every girl on (no I do not have a perverted mind haha)

4. What TV show do you wish you could be on?

P: Well, I guess I have to answer NCIS again… It just seems so much fun to film! And from what I read, all the actors are really kind and funny. But, story like… I would rather say Once Upon A Time. I would love to be on this show! The idea is so great and innovative! I’m sure it would be interesting to work with the cast and all the staff in a show like this one.

LMF: I changed my mind about this question. I was about to answer Desperate Housewives (weird right ??)  because it was my idea of the American Dream, but in fact I am going to say Glee. It is not my favorite tv show but the concept is just so great, people dancing and singing all the time, just like in a musical. And everything about the characters is just so exaggerated, I doubt someone can be as hyper as Rachel hehe And the whole cast is so amazing, all talented and kind!

5. Who do you wish could be your TV BFF?

P: Again, good question. I think I would say Haley, from One Tree Hill. She is amazingly strong, optimistic (well, for what I saw of the show, so the 5-6 first seasons, I stopped when Lucas and Peyton left Tree Hill), really sweet and easy to love. But there is also Lucy, from 7th Heaven, who I admired so much when I was younger, she really, really was my role-model, so it would be really cool to have her as my TV BFF!

LMF: I think I always wanted to have a guy best friend so I am going to say Blaine Andersen from Glee. He seems so fun to hang out with and of course his voice is so amazing, I think I would probably ask him to sing to me all the time. Also, Seth Cohen from The O.C and I could definitely get along pretty well with each other. He is weird in a great way and sooo funny, I could definitely use someone with his humour to cheer me up when I need so. As a girl TV BFF, I would say Brooke Davis (OTH) because she is fierce, incredibly strong, generous, nice and funny. I love everything about her and would die to have a friend like her. Also (yeah I want to have so many TV BFFs haha), Veronica Mars could be my best friend because she is just so cute, lovable, genuine and funny.

6. Which TV character’s closet do you wish you could steal?

P: Mary Margaret Blanchard (Once Upon A Time)! I love her clothes. Like, it’s really simple and classic, but always cute and the colors are lovely. I would love to have such a closet, but I seem to have very poor tastes in clothes and anytime I buy something it doesn’t have the effect I wish…

LMF: The easiest question to answer for me. I want Serena Van Der Woodsen (Gossip Girl) outfit. I think the designers did such an amazing job with all of her clothes, I am so jealous she got to wear creators’ clothes.

7. Which was your favorite TV show as a little kid?

P: 7th Heaven, without a doubt. I always ran back home after school to watch it! My parents didn’t really like when we watched TV too much, so I had to make choices and I was allowed to watch 7th Heaven (I guess they thought it had a good influence on me, or something like that!). Even now when I watch it, I feel so nostalgic! It really was a great show.

LMF: Again, Charmed (no I am not annying AT ALL!) but apart from that I used to watch other shows such as FRIENDS, 7th Heaven, Dawson’s Creek, What I Like About You, Lizzie McGuire…

8. Which show do you wish never finished?

P: Honestly, I never really felt like “What? Why? Why is it over?? I don’t have enouuuugh! It cannot stop now, it’s too sooooon!!”. Usually, shows I like just end because it has too, you know? Like, I was sad when 7th Heaven ended, but it was right to stop it, the characters were all leaving, all going to live their lives. It was time for us to let them go, too. Same goes for Charmed, which I loved very much. It’s sad when a good show comes to an end, but not devastating. Well, I never felt this way…. but I’ll probably change my mind if NCIS has to stop!

LMF: Charmed ?? hahaha ok I stop with it now. But seriously, it should have never ended. There are two other shows I wish never ended, or at least not that way. First, Ugly Betty! Come on, why on earth did it end?! It was too good and deserved to go on for other seasons. Plus, I really wanted to have THE happy ending between Daniel and Betty (I am a sucker for couples, do you have a problem with that maybe?) Second, Veronica Mars! I simply HATED how this tv show ended. Why did the producers make Veronica end up with Piz and NOT Logan??! I get easily emotional when it comes to tv shows and talking about this is actually upsetting lol

9. Would you ever want to be on a reality show?

P: I hate reality shows. I watch them sometimes, just because I’m bored or else, but I would never, ever qualify it as “great”. I cannot picture myself in a show like that, I would be completely lost and the viewers would think I’m boring, because I’m too normal. I often think “can they really sink any lower?“, and then, BANG they do something even more stupid! But I only watched French Reality Shows (the worst of them probably being “Les Ch’tis à Las Vegas”), so I can’t judge for other countries. That is to say: no, absolutely no, I don’t want to be on a reality show.

LMF: I admit I like watching reality shows, they are just entertaining, but I would NEVER picture myself in one. However it depends on what type of reality show we are talking about, if it a trashy one like Geordie Shore, the answer is NO! But I would probably picture myself in a singing or dancing competition show such as the X Factor, American Idol or Got to Dance (yeah I tend to dream too much, I know)

10. What show do you re-watch all the time?

P: There are MANY of them. I enjoy watching The Nanny once in a while, it always makes me laugh. Friends too, I mean, if you’re bored or in a bad mood, it’s definitely a must watch! Charmed doesn’t age either. Though the serie has been over for a while, I still love re-watching old episodes, it’s cute!

LMF: I do love re-watching all tv shows I like, I do not mind watching over and over again. Charmed, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, The Big Bang Theory, Desperate Housewives… and the list goes on!

Thank you for reading! Don’t hesitate to comment or answer the questions yourselves!

Pink & LittleMissFran


My first post is going to be dedicated to something that has been very trendy lately (nope this is not about Justin Bieber XD): ZUMBA! Does that ring a bell to you? If not, let me explain it to you. Zumba Fitness is, like its name indicates, a form of fitness mixed with dancing. Zumba includes Latin rythms, that’s what makes it so particular.

Zumba Fitness was created by Beto Perez, a Colombian fitness teacher, a few years ago. His story is simply suprising and we can probably talk about a success-story. Indeed, one day, he forgot his regular music and the only thing he had was his Latin American tapes. He then decided to reproduce basic steps on that precise music, and people loved it.

Why do people love it so much? I think zumba is a very great way to stay healthy, be in shape and have fun at the same time. I’ve been doing zumba for a bit more than two years and I just LOVE it. This is really about freeing your mind and forgetting about your daily problems. My mother and I also witnessed a change in our body. We got thinner and above all we gained endurance. My mom hated sports but zumba definitely made her see things differently. Culturally speaking, for those who are not very familiar with Latin American culture it is a great way to learn more about it through its various dances; for example cumbia, reaggaeton, merengue, bachata, etc.

I think Zumba’s popularity mainly lies on the Marketing Strategy behind it. Let’s face it, (from my point of view) the steps are not that difficult and any beginner who regulargy goes to zumba classes can improve its level in only a few months. The thing is Beto Perez managed to sell its “product” quite well, first in its continent and then worldwide. Zumba has appeared in every media: on tv, on the internet, in newspapers… A new market different from the usual fitness one opened. If you are addicted to zumba (like my mom), you are likely going to spend lots of money in zumba-related clothes, CDs, interactive games and go to special events, thus generate revenues to the zumba sector.

What is also interesting and great about zumba is it attracts all kind of population, from middle-aged women to teenage girls and it also attracts men! Unlike what you guys think (and I’m refering to real guys) zumba never aimed at being a women-thing, even if it is true that 95% of people doing zumba are women.

Now zumba is very successful, maybe too successful. Since it has been so popularized there have been some important changes. I actually regret some of the instructors are actually going away from the real definition of zumba. What I mean is instructors are creating choreographies on pop marketable songs, which wasn’t the aim.

My advice: Zumba is definitely worth the try! If you are just curious to see what it looks like, just go. If you do but find it too difficult here are two options; either you can drop it (not the good choice) or you can try harder until you see some change and progress. The most important thing is to really enjoy it.


Falling for Fairy Tales all over again

Once Upon A Time

My new passion of the moment. I seriously love this show. Nothing unexpected honestly, as I have always loved princesses, fairy tales and magic. Who am I kidding?

Everyone knows OUAT was made for dreamers who are still nostalgic of the time when Disney was producing classics the “old way” and enjoy re-watching Snow White and Cinderella, drinking a cup of hot cholocate with marshmallows on a rainy sunday.

I first discovered Once Upon A Time a year ago when I went on a trip to Canada and watched it on TV. Seriously loved the idea. I mean, it changes from Teenage love-&-hate or murder-&-investigation shows. It’s new. It’s fresh, and it’s appealing.

Playing one of those legendary characters in a TV show isn’t easy. We all know Snow White, Prince Charming, Belle or Captain Hook. We all loved – or fear – them as children and we all have our own ideas of how they should be. Bringing them to life, making them look real and believable on screen is something incredibly challenging.

Sometimes I went a bit “So that’s what Pinocchio would have looked like if he had grown up?”. Don’t misunterstand me, I loved August‘s character. I cried when he turned into wood because of Emma‘s stubbornness. Whyyy did she take so long to realize everything was actually true? Anyway. Let’s not get crazy here, or else I will scare you off right away with my first post, which is definitely not good, right?

I have my favorites, of course. I love all the characters, but some just appeal me more than others. I have this awkward habit and usually don’t like front characters. In this case, the poor victim is Emma, of course. Though she is nice overall, sometimes I just want to punch her. Nothing as bad as Izzie Stevens (Grey’s Anatomy), so irritating!

I LOVE Snow White/Mary Margaret (portrayed by Ginnifer Goodwin). Her looks are so perfect for the role that it’s crazy. She is the cutest Snow White ever, I swear! And Robert Carlyle? Amazing actor. I’m a huge fan of him, even if he is scary sometimes. I wonder if he likes to wear heavy make up like that? ——— Enough! If I go on that way, you will end up with a full post about why I love each and every one of those characters which is not what I aimed for when I started. Let’s stop here, ok? I will definitely do a post like that, one day, though, don’t worry!

SO, last sunday I waited for the PaleyFest livestream, which, unfortunately, started late (around 11PM Paris Time), and was spoilt briliantly. Of course, since I haven’t watched Season 2 yet (what a shame! But I’m waiting because I know if I start I won’t be able to stop. And I need to study!), it was to be expected. The actors and actresses looked splendid, and I really fell in love with them. They seemed genuinly nice and happy to answer the questions of their fans…

… which leads me to the major news of the day. Emilie De Ravin (portraying Belle in OUAT)… is coming… to the Paris’ Fairy Tale Convention in December 2013! So exciting! I love her, Belle is one of my favorite Disney Princess ever! But… this convention is so expensive… cheapest ticket is at 50€ (that’s reasonable, I guess) and the most expensive is at 500€. Yes, 500. And it’s on e-bay… so it might even get higher as time pass by.

The question now is… will I go? I wonder. I really want to, but since I still don’t know where I will end up next year, how can I plan so early on? Let’s wait for the second character announcement. They said it will be one of the bad guy. It will eventually get harder and harder to resist, right? If Robert Carlyle or Ginnifer Goodwin come, believe me, I’ll buy this ticket right away!Regina&Gold&Belle



So, that was my first personal post, wasn’t it? I must sound a bit crazy… but Once Upon A Time really is a good show. If you haven’t watched it yet, I sincerely encourage you to give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you all for reading,


First steps

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone!

This is our very first post, so let us introduce this blog a bit to you guys!

Do you know just how hard it is to find a blog-name that suits us and isn’t already taken? It’s terrible. We tried so many we don’t even remember all of them. Finally, this one worked and it took us by surprise. So here is Fancy Little Talk! We seriously hope you will like coming there and read our posts.

The two of us will share this blog from now on. We met each other three years ago when we started our Bachelor Degree, and have been friends ever since. If you want to know more about us, please wait a little bit more, we will try writing short introductions later!

Because we are two very different girls, you might end up thinking “there is no harmony or coherence in that blog, it’s so random!”. Well, it aims at being random. It will be multifaced and weird and maybe even unexpected sometimes. That’s what we want to do. There won’t be a subject set up before-hand. We hope to be able to surprise you at some point!

Because we know that a blog has to be regularly updated to keep everyone interest alive, we will try posting at least once a week. If we are too busy, we will make sure to warn you all!

From now on, please follow our blog and enjoy your time here!

Welcome on Fancy Little Talk,

SunsetPink & LittlemissFran