I miss my friends.

I thought I was fine and yet… Yet here I am. And I miss them. I miss seeing them every day at University. I miss talking to them. I miss all the things we shared together and I miss their craziness. I miss our starbucks afternoon and our korean lunches. I miss their texts, even if I never answer… I miss complaining about teachers and homework, I miss the silly stuff we said all day long…

Still, we have skype. And facebook. It’s not like we can’t connect. But somehow it’s different, right?

University warned us against the so-called “October blues”. Because they know better than us. They know that, even though you are fine during the first few weeks, after some time you start realizing that it’s going to be like that for a whole year.

A whole year…

Still, we will meet each other in December. But… is it enough? Just a few days, passing by…

I am not really sad. But sometimes, sometimes it feels very empty not having them around. Because even if I met wonderful people here, we have only known each other for a month, right? A month is not so long… when you think about it, we really don’t know each other so well yet…

I never really say personal things anyway but… having a friend around, even if I don’t say anything, it’s already making me feel better, you know? Even just having them by my side is already enough to brighten everything…

So… to all my friends… I don’t say it enough but…

I love you!


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