The Autumn Tag

Well, I wasn’t sure if I was going to do it, but I really want to post a “light” article, because I have one loooong piece coming for mid-november which won’t be so fun, and I want to make it up for all the negativity floating around here. So here I am! My friend asked me to do it, quite a long time ago I reckon, but it’s still autumn so that’s fine, I suppose!


1. Favourite thing about [Autumn] ? I absolutely love this season. It is so beautiful, and I can tell you that here in Kent I love it 1000 times more than in Paris! The trees look amazing, and sometimes in late afternoon the lights are just magical! I seriously regret not having my reflex camera with me.
2. Favourite drink? Well, the same as during the rest of the year, my usual Mocca…
3. Favourite scent/candle? When the rain just stopped, there is this special scent, so fresh and all, I really like it.
4. Best lipstick? I don’t wear lipstick so…
5. Go to moisturiser? I always use the same cream all year round, which is Le Petit Marseillais.
6. Go to colours for the eyes? I don’t use make-up so…. if I had to… light pink or light brown would be my choices.
7. Favourite music or band/singer to listen to? Lately I have been listening to balads a lot. Christina Perri’s songs are really nice, but I also listen to French singers like Gregory Lemarchal or Francis Cabrel. But I don’t listen to sad songs, just sweet, calm songs.
8. Favourite outfit to wear? As ever, skinny pants, a nice, warm jumper and a scarf. I have to buy a new coat. And I feel like wearing dark-red and natural colours (like beige) really suits the season. But I wear pink a lot as well. Because almost all my clothes are pink.
9. Autumn treat? Don’t know.
10. Favourite place to be? Somewhere with a warm blanket, a cup of hot coffee and a nice book. Ah, that’s a dream, because of course I have to study :’)
Bonus question: Best book to read? NORTH AND SOUTH! I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved this book the best in Autumn. The whole atmosphere of the story is kind of Autumn-like in my head so, yeah, North and South it is. And anyway, a good Elizabeth Gaskell book is always the best, isn’t it?
Here I go!
So, what would YOU answer to those questions?


I miss my friends.

I thought I was fine and yet… Yet here I am. And I miss them. I miss seeing them every day at University. I miss talking to them. I miss all the things we shared together and I miss their craziness. I miss our starbucks afternoon and our korean lunches. I miss their texts, even if I never answer… I miss complaining about teachers and homework, I miss the silly stuff we said all day long…

Still, we have skype. And facebook. It’s not like we can’t connect. But somehow it’s different, right?

University warned us against the so-called “October blues”. Because they know better than us. They know that, even though you are fine during the first few weeks, after some time you start realizing that it’s going to be like that for a whole year.

A whole year…

Still, we will meet each other in December. But… is it enough? Just a few days, passing by…

I am not really sad. But sometimes, sometimes it feels very empty not having them around. Because even if I met wonderful people here, we have only known each other for a month, right? A month is not so long… when you think about it, we really don’t know each other so well yet…

I never really say personal things anyway but… having a friend around, even if I don’t say anything, it’s already making me feel better, you know? Even just having them by my side is already enough to brighten everything…

So… to all my friends… I don’t say it enough but…

I love you!


Targetted ads

We all know how internet works. If you visit a shop website, you’re probably going to see their ads EVERYWHERE for days or even weeks.

I remember when I was looking for a present for one of my best friends. It was really funny, I had One Directions ads aaaaaaaall the time. And I don’t even listen to them. Luckily though, nobody noticed. Well, I hope nobody noticed, because it’s quite embarassing.

{My apologies, this statement in only HALF true, I did listen to them. A bit. At some point. And I do think their music isn’t that bad. However, at the time of that anecdote, I wasn’t listening to them, so…}

Anyway, in my opinion, targetted ads is bullshit. Let forget about those ‘shops’ ads because they are obvious.

Now, I’ll be talking about those random targetted ads that pop up everywhere (in particular on facebook) based uniquely on how you use internet, if you are a girl or a guy (sometimes they even get THAT wrong), and what they think you need.

I don’t know if you get relevant ads sometimes, but as for me, very often it’s completely useless, and even funny considering their nature.

Most of the time, I get “lose 10lbs in 1 week” type of ads, which always makes me laugh because… well, I’m a really skinny girl, and if anything I probably need to gain weight. So what? Are they encouraging eating disorders? Because, after all, presenting the loss of weight as an amazing achievement, and sending those ads to girls that DON’T need to lose weight, they are actually putting in their mind that in fact they might be too big.

I’m not talking about me, I know I’m too skinny and I’m very realistic about it. But some teenagers are not so confident with themselves, some of them need to be reassured, to be told that they look nice and that they don’t need to get any skinnier. Those ads are doing the EXACT contrary, and to be honest, I’m a little concerned about it.

This morning, on Facebook, I had an “unplanned pregnancy” ad. Yep. Still wondering where it comes from, as I didn’t visit any related websites or anything. Just being a girl was probably enough to turn me into a potential target, I guess.

Yet, the one I laughed the most at was the “Men: New Steroïd Option” ad. Seriously? I’m not even a man! And honestly, the pseudo-scientific article was hilarious. I had a lot of fun reading it.

I’m not really pro-targetted ads. I understand why they are used and it’s probably efficient, otherwise it would have stopped years ago, but I think some of them should be banned. I don’t even talk about all the “pseudo-dating-sites” ads and all the porn pop-ups (and yes, that’s because I stream. Not only old men stream, you know? When you live far from the US, you don’t necessarily want to wait a YEAR to get the new season of your favorite show). Because those are obviously illegal, and I can’t imagine if it was a young girl or boy instead of me on the computer. I mean, it’s shocking, and you can’t control when it pops up. It just does, without any particular reason, and that even if you blocked pop ups in the first place so…

Yeah, basically, more control would be great. Or better targetting. But change something! I’m tired of steroïd and diet ads!


The voice of an Angel

I am not really into music. What I mean is that I don’t go to concert, I can’t name my “favorite” singer or group, I am not a “fan”. Not really. But there are artists that I greatly admire and respect. Musics I love to listen to.

And today, I would really love to introduce you to an incredibly gifted French singer. His name is Gregory Lemarchal. It is possible that you know him already, but if it is not the case yet, by all mean, listen to his songs!

In 2004, Gregory was a contestant of a French singing reality TV show called “La star académie”. To be perfectly honest, I really dislike reality TV, but in this case, in this particular case, I must admit that something good came out of it.

Some of you might be familiar with what cystic fibrosis is. To be simple, it is a rare genetic disease that causes breathing difficulties, repeated infections and digestive problems. Gregory suffered from cystic fibrosis, and him appearing in such a popular as La Star Académie was actually a much-needed breath of hope for everyone suffering from this disease, as there is no treatment for it yet. I know that his fame put cystic fibrosis under the spotlight. Suddenly millions of people discovered this disease, discovered its very existence and those people started to care. Many researchers are now working on finding an effective treatment against this terrible disease and it is in great part thanks to Gregory and his talent.

I can’t imagine how hard it was for him to sing, and it totally gives another feeling to all his performances. He put his soul and heart into the songs he was singing. Cystic Fibrosis affects respiration, and I am sure it must have been very difficult, yet he continued to sing.

When he died in 2007, it was incredibly sad and heartbreaking. So many years passed since then and each time I listen to his songs I can’t help but thinking “this man was incredible”. He really was.

So please, do listen to Gregory’s angelic voice!

This song is one of my all time favorites. It is called “Je suis en vie” (I’m alive). But do search for other of his covers on YT, he is really good and it’s worth listening, I swear!

I did a translation of the lyrics, for those of you who want to cry a little and feel guilty to complain about our daily troubles :) (no judgement intended, I do complain sometimes for silly stuff and feel guilty afterward because… well, some people do have it harder than me)

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Adjusting to Kent life

After a few months of fear, stress, nerve-wracking wait and doubts, here I am, slowly adjusting to my new life in the UK.

When I was studying in France, I always thought that speaking English with native speakers would be extremely embarrassing, and therefore avoided being put in that situation as much as I could. My cousins in Canada tend to be very picky when I try speaking English with them (which always makes me cringe because I never dare making any comment on how they speak French) and I guess it crushed my confidence a little bit.

But as soon as I arrived here, it just came so naturally that now I don’t even notice anymore. Well, I still speak French randomly, and people look at me like “what are you saying, you crazy girl?” (in particular when it’s in the middle of a conversation, I just switch language without reason, very weird!), but overall I don’t have much trouble with English. Which is nice.

The Campus is SO beautiful and the scenery is so lovely, I really feel lucky to be here! Honestly, everything is so nice, and green, and… well, charming. It’s only my third week here, so I suppose I’m still amazed by how beautiful it is. In a few weeks from now, when it will start raining and all, I probably won’t like it as much.

The University is really nice as well. Very, very, VERY different from France. Everything is like the COMPLETE opposite of what I knew. There are plenty of events for international students, the teachers and the staff are really nice and helpful, if I ask a question people are more than happy to answer… Honestly, the change is quite radical, so much that it still feels strange.

As for classes, well, it is very different as well. I mean, back in France I had 20 (or more) hours of classes per week, here I only have SIX. And a loooooot of reading to do. I am a last-minute student. I delay things as much as I can, but here, it probably won’t work that way. I have to be more independent in my studies, which is something I was definitely not prepared for. It’s probably going to be interesting (and very challenging)!


So far I am really glad to be there and intend to make the most out of this year!

Which means that, if you are from the UK and have good ideas of things to visit in Kent, please share! I will be more than happy to discover various places and all!



Today is my brother’s B-day. He is now officially an adult! (in France, at least!)

So, this little brother of mine turns 18

He is now all grown up, isn’t he?

Happy Birthday~!

Enjoy this year without your terrible, annoying big sister and don’t brutalise my cat too much!


PS: I’m really sorry for not posting lately. I might not have blogged about yet, but it happens that I am in the UK for my master and I still am getting used to my new life, so please be patient! I promise I’ll blog soon!