Someone stole my Grand-Mother engagement ring

This is my first post in such a long time, I am so sorry it has to be this frightening subject… I will soon start to post about my holidays in my other blog, so please look forward to it as well!


I just learnt, a few days ago, that someone stole my grand-mother’s engagement ring. It really REALLY annoys me. I know my grand-mother is upset about it, and it has nothing to do with its actual value. I mean, it was an engagement ring after all, of course it was beautiful! What really is wrong is that someone took away from my grand-mother one of the items she treasures the most in the world.

One could argue that we shouldn’t be that attached to objects. Because, well, they are only objects, they can break, they can get stolen… But no-one can deny the strong sentimental value of an engagement ring. It has a meaning. It is not just a common ring, you only have one like this, it’s the symbol of love and commitment!

My grand-parents have been married for FIFTY-EIGHT years. It’s an amazingly long time you know! More than half a century of love, and she has been wearing that ring all along.

I can’t believe someone was heartless enough to steal it.

The other day my uncle went to the police to file a complaint but we all know we will never see this ring again. At this hour, it probably doesn’t exist anymore. The thing is, I hope that the person who stole it had good reasons to do so. The truth is, I highly doubt it. It was probably just someone who saw the diamonds and thought “it’s probably worth a ton of money!” and stole it. It was probably not the first time that person did it either. We believe my Grand-mother was drugged, in order to remove the ring from her finger without her noticing. Who the hell does that to an old woman?

I sincerely hope that whoever stole it will one day look back at his or her life and think “why did I do it?” and have regrets.

Today again my grand-mother said how sad she was to have lost her ring. What can we say to her? It’s heartbreaking and that’s all. Losing this ring also has a bitter feeling in this case. My grand-father has alzheimer, slowly memories are fading away, and with the ring gone, what will remain from those 60 years of love?

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