A new chapter is closing…

After three years, it eventually came to an end. Yesterday at noon, I finished the last exam of my bachelor degree.  The last in three years. Three years of hard work, of tears, of joy, of sadness and of laughs. I cannot believe it is over. I don’t realize it yet.

I still remember the day I discovered I had made it. I freaked out. Like, completely. I kept saying things like “this is a mistake!” or “I don’t want to go there anymore!”. My parents were worried at the time, and I think I must have been a lot of trouble. I have always been that indecisive girl who doesn’t know what to do with her life. It isn’t easy to find enough motivation to study when there is no goal to be reached. I struggled a lot. From the first day, I thought “this is a nightmare!” and “I want to quit!”. I was saying those things without thinking much ahead.

I have never been the hard-working girl people think I am. In fact, I just hate revising, and I always knew it would be a problem at some point. Struggling so much to keep my grades at normal level was probably part of the reason why I considered giving up so many times.

But I did not. And now, looking back, it was the right choice. It took me a lot of time to adjust to that new life. Being an high school student was rather relaxing in comparison. But I learnt many, many things. After three years, I finally got used to this. I now fully understand the importance of studying and how much I benefitted from my classes. I will try to remember all the precious advices my teachers gave me, but to be honest, I will probably forget most of them.

Another great, great thing I owe to my degree is that I met a lot of wonderful people. You know, I have never been the kind of girl who has many friends. But quality is better than quantity, right? And the few friends I made during those three years are the best in the world. I feel so grateful to have them… they are always there for me whenever I need… I never said them that, though. I am not really the expansive type, but I should probably have thanked them properly, right?

Class_of_2013From now on, even if our lives are taking different paths, I don’t want separation and distance to hurt our friendship, so let’s work hard to stay in touch, okay?

That’s it. This is over. From now on, I’ll continue to do my best!  But before… I think I’ll just enjoy my holidays as much as I can.



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