Tori Kelly: A star on the rise

Time for Littlemissfran to write a post and sorry again for not writing for a while! This post will be about Southern Californian songstress Tori Kelly. Never heard of her? It’s time to fill you up then.

Tori Kelly is a 20 year-old singer whose name is now on every mouth because her voice and talent are simply breathtaking. Her music is influenced by soul, pop, rnb singers such as Jeff Buckley, Jill Scott, John Mayer, Michael Jackson etc. Scooter Braun’s (Justin Bieber’s manager) protégée started her career at a very young age by showcasing her voice during talent shows. After being a contestant on the ninth season of American Idol in 2009, Tori Kelly started posting videos on Youtube, then creating a buzz. Her cover of Thinking Bout You by Franck Ocean has now reached more than 14 million views! Last year, the singer released an EP called ‘Homemade Songs’ composed of 6 songs produced by Tori herself. She recently started her first American tour called the ‘Fill A Heart’ tour with a majority of sold out shows. She is definitely an artist to keep an eye on!

> As a huuge fan of Tori for a few years now, she’s not new to me anymore. I am now trying to spread the word about her to everyone because she really deserves it. I’ve met Tori a few months ago in London and all I can say is wow! Her talent is undeniable. I got chills all over the show. Not only Tori is an amazing singer but she’s also a beautiful person, when I told her I came from Paris she was so overwhelmed she hugged me twice! She is just a sweetheart and I’m very happy she is getting more recognized. Here is my favorite cover of Tori, PYT, originally by Michael Jackson. Please watch it and fall in love with Tori Kelly’s voice :) 

I went to the theater…

Yesterday, for the first time in a while, I went to the theater.

My best friend is currently studying theater at university, so sometimes she invites me to come along when she goes to see a show. Of course, I can’t always go, because I have my studies too, and we have to plan it quite a long time in advance to match our schedules. So, we had booked our places for this show in January, I think! Yes, that was a long time ago!

We weren’t going alone, though. My mum and another friend of us came along. Since my best friend usually recommend very weird shows, we were all a bit worried. Last time my other friend went with her, they ended up in the middle of a shooting! Well, not a real shooting, of course, but still!

This time, the title of the show was “Copacabana“. It is a comedy played by three wonderful comedians, one man and two women. They have such an energy that I felt tired for them!

Honestly, I had never, ever heard about a show like this. It started while we were all still waiting in the hall. Yes, we weren’t even sat down at the beginning!

The first actress appeared and asked if we had booked for a table (as the “Copacabana” is a restaurant) and then, like a regular restaurant, we were guided to our tables. The room was awkwardly settled, not at all like a regular theater, it really really was like a restaurant. But not a fancy/normal restaurant, more like an old, deserted one. There weren’t enough tables for everyone, so the four of us ended up sharing our very small table with a single man (who came alone to watch the show, very kind) and a spanish couple. I’m not sure I can convey the whole experience well, but it was really, really funny, I assure you! During the performance, we could chat with everyone around the table, and the comedians even gave us some food (like a regular restaurant!). Well, it did look absolutely inedible, and I still wonder how the woman behind me did to eat it all, but we had anticipated and ate diner before going… Anyway! We laughed so much my zygomatic muscles hurt!

Thourough the whole show, the three comedians interacted a lot with the public. One of the women seemed “in love” with one of the spectator, which lead to hilarious situations, for example when she sat on his knee and fed him with chocolate mouss … Also, at some point, the man (comedian) was “inadvertently” hitting another spectator with a leek, and the spectator threw water at his face! So funny!

I really admire comedians with a strong improvisation power. That was definitely the case of those three, as their performance was partly influenced by the public reactions (the example of the glass of water is very revealing: the actor didn’t anticipate it at all, and was very surprised, but he reacted very quickly, and it was really funny!). I felt like I was really part of the show and I enjoyed chatting with everyone around me as if I was in a regular restaurant. A unic experience!

I would definitely go again if I was given the occasion! Great, great show!

Here is the official synopsis (original version is in French, so that’s my personal translation): 

“Three cooks are living in the kitchen of the “Copacabana”, all three descending from the chef of the legendary circus “Bimil”, that recently closed down. After this closure, our three “cordon bleu”, all broke, decided to open a restaurant.

Therefore, they settled in (my city name), more precisely at the Park’s  Chapel, hoping to make their fortune.

But the months flew by and no-one went to eat at “Copacabana”.

The theater team finally decided to help them out, to take up the challenge and to bring you there.

But be careful! There won’t necessarily be food or place for everyone, as they aren’t used to have clients.

In situations more suitable for circus than restauration, they will try to satisfy everyone of you. Behind the red curtain, there will be a table for you.

Do you want to come for diner?”

My translation might be difficult to understand, I’m really sorry about that. The text was quite hard to translate, as it was full of French sayings that can’t be kept litterally in English…

Well, that was to say: I had a nice night out yesterday! I really enjoy going to the theater once in a while. Last year, I went to see “Berenice” with my god father (a different style all together!) and it was really nice! I hope I can go again before the end of the year.

And you, are you going to the theater often? Do you enjoy it? What is the last show you went to? Please, share your experience, I’m curious!