My first post is going to be dedicated to something that has been very trendy lately (nope this is not about Justin Bieber XD): ZUMBA! Does that ring a bell to you? If not, let me explain it to you. Zumba Fitness is, like its name indicates, a form of fitness mixed with dancing. Zumba includes Latin rythms, that’s what makes it so particular.

Zumba Fitness was created by Beto Perez, a Colombian fitness teacher, a few years ago. His story is simply suprising and we can probably talk about a success-story. Indeed, one day, he forgot his regular music and the only thing he had was his Latin American tapes. He then decided to reproduce basic steps on that precise music, and people loved it.

Why do people love it so much? I think zumba is a very great way to stay healthy, be in shape and have fun at the same time. I’ve been doing zumba for a bit more than two years and I just LOVE it. This is really about freeing your mind and forgetting about your daily problems. My mother and I also witnessed a change in our body. We got thinner and above all we gained endurance. My mom hated sports but zumba definitely made her see things differently. Culturally speaking, for those who are not very familiar with Latin American culture it is a great way to learn more about it through its various dances; for example cumbia, reaggaeton, merengue, bachata, etc.

I think Zumba’s popularity mainly lies on the Marketing Strategy behind it. Let’s face it, (from my point of view) the steps are not that difficult and any beginner who regulargy goes to zumba classes can improve its level in only a few months. The thing is Beto Perez managed to sell its “product” quite well, first in its continent and then worldwide. Zumba has appeared in every media: on tv, on the internet, in newspapers… A new market different from the usual fitness one opened. If you are addicted to zumba (like my mom), you are likely going to spend lots of money in zumba-related clothes, CDs, interactive games and go to special events, thus generate revenues to the zumba sector.

What is also interesting and great about zumba is it attracts all kind of population, from middle-aged women to teenage girls and it also attracts men! Unlike what you guys think (and I’m refering to real guys) zumba never aimed at being a women-thing, even if it is true that 95% of people doing zumba are women.

Now zumba is very successful, maybe too successful. Since it has been so popularized there have been some important changes. I actually regret some of the instructors are actually going away from the real definition of zumba. What I mean is instructors are creating choreographies on pop marketable songs, which wasn’t the aim.

My advice: Zumba is definitely worth the try! If you are just curious to see what it looks like, just go. If you do but find it too difficult here are two options; either you can drop it (not the good choice) or you can try harder until you see some change and progress. The most important thing is to really enjoy it.


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